Vendor FAQs

Alaska-Juneau Public Market Frequently Asked Questions

[At bottom, please find “selection criteria”]

This is a three-day event: Vendors are expected to maintain their booths through all three days until the 5 p.m. closing on Sunday.

Franchise Lines: We distinguish between unique, often hand-made products not commonly available in Juneau, which we feature at the Public Market in Centennial Hall where we charge admission, and direct sales product lines like Mary Kay, doTerra, and Scentsy, which are welcome at the Public Market Annex in the JACC, where admission is free. We allow one each per franchise line — in other words, one Mary Kay, one doTerra, one Scentsy.

Products: Vendors must disclose to us the products they intend to sell or services to be offered. Failure to do so is considered a violation of trust. The people who attend will render judgment – either the products sell or they don’t – but we draw the line at legal/illegal, and with products appropriate for a pay-for-admission venue as opposed to the Annex, which is free. See “Francise Lines” above.

Set-up/Breakdown: Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) from 3 pm to 8 pm, and from 8 am to noon Friday for set-up (the hall is not open, nor can it be, on Thanksgiving Day). Vendors must be ready to do business at noon on Friday. Breakdown is Sunday from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Open for business from noon to 7 pm on Friday; from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Vendors can get into the building beginning at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Can I have the same space as I had last year? In most cases, yes, but you are strongly advised to provide second and third choices. Numerous situations may arise that would have us assign you to other than your preferred location. If you are not satisfied, we’ll work to resolve that but we need for you to alert us and to check in every few weeks (by email). We rarely disappoint. Often, a vendor previously assigned to Centennial Hall will be assigned to the Public Market Annex because they have added franchise lines or products otherwise commonly available in Juneau, and thereby failed to respond to the Centennial Hall selection criteria.

Why are some applications rejected? An application will be rejected if a new applicant fails to describe the product he or she will offer at the Public Market.

What changes have occurred in recent years? In 2015, the renovation of Centennial Hall was completed with the addition of a new set of rest rooms, and the reconfiguration of  the “Davis Room,”  just off the main lobby.

What are the criteria for being accepted at either venue? For Centennial Hall, where we charge admission, we select vendors who offer consumers products or opportunities not otherwise available in the Juneau Borough. We expect vendors to offer products that are available “Only at the Public Market.” We do not have this expectation for the free-admission Public Market Annex vendors, where vendors are assigned spaces on a first come/first served basis. See “Franchise Lines” above, and “Selection Criteria” below.

Why do you make such a distinction? We charge an entry fee at Centennial Hall, but not at the Annex. The public expects us to offer unique products if they are paying an entry fee, since they do not pay admission to retail stores or local arts & crafts shows.

Does this mean I can’t get a space at Centennial Hall if I participate in other Christmas shows or have a retail store in Juneau? No. Every year we have several vendors in Centennial Hall who may not appear to meet the selection criteria, but in fact have offered to do such things as invite out-of-town featured artists/authors to be present, or offer “Only at the Public Market” deep discounts, or other types of incentives. Retail stores often aggressively advertise their presence at the Public Market. Sometimes such vendors are there because they agreed to stand-by and then filled an unexpected vacancy.

Why would I want to participate in the Public Market Annex. According to an analysis we did a few years ago, the Annex gets a very strong attendance (at least 80% of those who enter Centennial Hall) with a consequent higher ratio of customers per vendor. Several long-time vendors who could be in Centennial Hall for the asking prefer the more open and better illuminated JACC. Also, the booth costs at the ANNEX are lower — a good thing for first-time vendors uncertain of the demand for their untested product lines.

What about charges other than space rent? Pass-through expenses such as electricity, table skirting, are charged as incidental costs, and often end up as unpaid expenses by the time of the market, or sometimes a vendor changes an order and we will owe the difference. On Saturday, second day of the market, we pay what we owe vendors and expect final payment from vendors. In most cases, you can bring your own tables and coverings. Chairs are provided at no cost.

Should I send a payment with my application? No. We expect payment after we send you the notice of your assignment, at which time we will set a payment deadline, that, if not met, may result in the space being reassigned to another applicant.

Can I get a refund if I cannot participate? Since our first event in 1983 we have never refused to refund an applicant who had to withdraw. October 31 is the deadline for notifying us of your withdrawal. If we cannot fill that space you vacated after that day, we reserve the right to not refund. Someday, a vendor will simply not show up without informing us, and that vendor will have the dubious honor of being the first to not receive a refund. Withdrawal by or before the deadline of October 31st does not count against your future application.

OTHER QUESTIONS? Ask questions by email ( You’ll get prompt reply by email.

Selection Criteria

At Centennial Hall, we charge admission; at the Public Market Annex in the Juneau Arts & Culture Center, no admission is charged. We are selective of vendors applying for space at the Public Market in Centennial Hall, while applicants for the Annex are assigned primarily on a first come/first served basis.

For Centennial Hall applications we give preference according to the following criteria:

1) High quality products/services available “Only at the Public Market!”

2) Good food (we can always use more good food!).

3) If your product is commonly available in Juneau, describe how you intend to promote/advertise your presence at the Market, and describe how your Public Market offerings would be markedly different from your retail outlet or your presentations at local arts & crafts shows.

4) A record (or expressed intent) of helping to promote your presence at the Market, especially by social media and willingness to display Public Market posters. You only get points if you copy us, forward emails, or tag us on Facebook posts.

If you are not satisfied with your assigned space, don’t give up. We have a high rate of success with reassignments.

More is expected of vendors who have retail businesses in Juneau, or who participate in admission-free arts and craft events.
It is possible the product or service you intend to offer simply does not meet with our goal of presenting a unique Holiday shopping experience for our customers who pay to enter Centennial Hall. Most vendors assigned to the Annex will have the opportunity to be listed for reassignment to Centennial Hall. We have a high rate of success with reassignments.